Call off the cadaver dogs, there is still a music blog here.


The Crosses on Good Friday

All this discussion on whether or not Slowcoustic is done, over, and complete is unwarranted. I hear the whispers, read the underground forum threads and I see the sideways looks when you notice me at the pub and then nudge your fiancée and ask “isn’t that the guy from that boring blog that has okay music?

Sorry all, I have been finishing up a course at school, and waiting on a new job (IRL) and sometimes I feel pre-occupied when I think about posting on the ol’ web log. So I tell you what, how about I throw you a few items I like and I can hope you like them as well. Then we can be friends and eventually have ‘that intervention conversation about commitment’ and I can start posting things on the internet again. Deal.


Listen to this, it is mellow.


Listen to this because it reminds me of old school Shearwater and not quite as old school Sharon Van Etten.


Watch and listen to how Strand of Oaks have brow beaten The Tallest Man on Earth and forced him into their world. In a good way.


I will leave you with a two song Bandcamp release that I found a while back that is a incredible find if I ever found one. The songs are from Damien Jurado and J. Tillman from the Freemont Abbey in Seattle back in 2007. I am a bit confused to as why it is $15USD for the 2 songs and one is already free on Bandcamp…take that how you will. The songs are not titled but the Damien Jurado track is “What Were The Chances” and the J. Tillman is untitled and unreleased as far as I know.




p.s. Awesome top picture: The Crosses on Good Friday – image from