Videos: Water Liars , Joshua James, and Dusted

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Videos have made a resurgence in the past few years since the “official” days of MTV died an unwarranted death. Maybe it is because things are easier to do with the great camera/recording equipment now, maybe there is more creative types in full view, I think it might be a bit of both. For me, I tend to stick to ‘my people’ for videos and I have a couple people among them that are doing good things. Halfway House out in Michigan and Show Me Shows down in St. Louis in particular are getting the love today.

Water Liars perform Bird of Song from their most recent album Wyoming – always been a fan of these two guys and since they joined to form ‘Water Liars’ a couple of years back it keeps getting better.  Thanks to Show Me Shows for the session.


Another regular around here is the crew at Halfway House Music and they once again provide a great track from Joshua James via there trip to SXSW 2013. While I waffle a little bit on Joshua James, when he is on he is crazy good. This song, Queen of the City, is an example of that…simply and beautiful – the way I like my music (and most things).

See the Halfway House Music post on the video and grab a copy of the track on their post HERE.


Finally, I thought I would put up a new video for the song Bruises that is not a live session >gasp!< from Dusted (Brian Borcherdt). Probably my favourite song from his most recent album Total Dust from last year. This one gets a little artsy folks, so don’t be afraid and treat it how you would want to be treated. Remember it can smell your fear.