The Postal Service’s album Give Up gets the cover treatment, twice.

Never Give Up

Never Give Up

On the heels of the cover song from yesterday, I bring you even more options to hear musicians perform other musicians intellectual property. This time it is full album cover project for The Postal Service’s album ‘Give Up‘ for it’s 10 year anniversary.  A pretty influential album at the time and almost defined a new wave of ‘indie’ in music. Many may deny it’s importance or downplay the effect this album on today’s music (if asked today), but you know they still don’t even fully believe themselves.

There are two sides to this digital offering with a total of 21 covers (and it is pay what you want as well!) with a “folk” and an “indie pop” side. So far I have only been on the folk side (what? me?) but there is a pretty nice Young Readers track on the Indie Pop side that I have already heard. So I will leave you with this information about this musical endeavor to fill your ears with and I will do so with my two favourite tracks from the Folk side of the release.

Find the albums for download via Bandcamp: Folk Side | Indie Pop Side