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The Sumner Brothers - I'll Be There Tomorrow

The Sumner Brothers: ‘Ticket To Ride’ KEXP Session

The Sumner Brothers are a good bunch of guys. They are a talented bunch of guys. They make some god damn great music and their new KEXP session shows this fact, and it is fantastic.

If you came here for the token “It is Summer, dig into your Summer-Jam indie pop” blog post, you have come to the wrong place and are listening to music wrong. This here is the stuff you should be listening to as this is some haunting alt country shit from the deep South via the deep West of Canada (because that is possible…apparently). The entire performance as well as a few single videos are now released on the KEXP YouTube channel (here) but you can find the Ticket To Ride performance above that also includes Seattle’s own (and Slowcoustic friend) Bill Patton on the slide guitar. Too good.

Just wanted to mention that Bob Sumner was also recently nominated for Songwriter of the Year for the 2013 Western Canadian Music Alliance Awards (full award list) for the track Going Out West (a personal favourite) that is also one of the new KEXP videos to check out!

You can always check out the boys via their Website, Bandcamp page, Facebook and the Twitters.




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