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Damien Jurado: A Slowcoustic Cover Project – Part II

Damien Jurado - Saint Bartlett
Damien Jurado – Saint Bartlett Album Cover

Today is a pseudo theme day with the only duplicate cover performed for this project, Beacon Hill. The song is from the 2010 Jurado album Saint Bartlett, as seen above. For all three songs being the same track, the covers couldn’t be more different from each other.  You have a solo, electro-acoustic ballad version from Spiraloff countered by a guitar/piano duet from Small Houses (featuring Kevin Killen) with a delicate beauty from Kim Janssen.

The song is a natural winner and was not surprising when multiple artists ended up selecting it but it was a bit odd that it was the only one that ended up being a performed more than once by the group (not a rule of this series to not have multiple covers, but you know).

It is always a killer with the “..If you return to me…” lyrics falling as both a plea and an apology at the same time.


Kim Janssen provides the first of the three Beacon Hill covers below and it is in line with the sounds you will find on his recent releases, The Lonely Mountains and Ancient Crime – stunningly delicate and beautiful folk music. His touch on this track is stunning:

Find more from Kim Janssen: Facebook | Snowstar Records


Small Houses is no stranger to Slowcoustic as we have had the pleasure of working with Jeremy Quentin on his most recent album Exactly Where You Wanted To Be over at Yer Bird Records earlier this year. His recent move to Philadelphia connected him with Kevin Killen and they worked together on mixing Small Houses’ style of acoustic folk with melodies from Killen. It has turned out fantastic:

Find more from Small Houses: Facebook | Website | Bandcamp


Lastly we have a new comer to Slowcoustic with Spiraloff’s version of today’s Beacon Hill cover feature. From a guy who describes himself as “indie electro folk” and has a release called ‘Born to Write Sad Songs‘ – this guy was bound to be on the pages of this website sooner or later!  Stéphane (Spiraloff) told us how his choice for this cover was made: “Sometimes you lose track of what really matters and you let that special someone slip away from you. Eventually you find yourself left behind, wondering if and when you will get her back. Life brought me to that place too within the past year, and therefore it became obvious I had to cover this song.

I am starting to think the Netherlands is the place to be to make my kind of music (both Stéphane P. Péricat and Kim Janssen from above find themselves to be in the land of the Dutch).

Find more from Spiraloff: Bandcamp | Website


Remember to visit Damien Jurado whenever possible.  You can find the original Beacon Hill on the Saint Bartlett album via Secretly Canadian.