Video: “Only Now” from JBM


JBM (Jesse Marchant) is putting out a new album soon if his social media outlets are not telling me lies.  He does indicate via his Facebook page that this album, his 3rd, is the one he is most proud of.  As the very schooled media maven he is, he would have to say that but what if…what…if…that is actually true?  Well my pretties, we are then in for something special.  His last album Stray Ashes where the above video for Only Now is from is an all time favourite – and also the Stray Ashes at Isokon (the live version of the album) is a must.

If you are in for some more video action – I highly recommend the whole album of Stray Ashes at Isokon via Marchant’s Vimeo page.

Visit and troll the JBM website for any notice of the new album and catch up on all things JBM.