Small Sur releases ‘Wild Geese’ 7″ for the Singles Club

Small Sur singles club
Singles Club
Singles Club – photo from

Small Sur has a new track being released as part of the Singles Club 7″ box set.  The song is Wild Geese and it is classic Bob Keal & crew – so you know it is Slowcoustic approved.  Mellow, gauzy, atmospheric folk for those uninitiated few.  The project is a subscription series, so pay upfront and they send you four 7″ vinyl singles from 4 different artists that you then put in a lovely collectors box (as seen in the photo above).  One interesting feature is the actual single is the A side and an interview with the artist is the B side….so get to know your musicians and appreciate their music.  Win/Win.

Visit The Single Club series Website.

Visit Small Sur’s Website and purchase on Bandcamp (was just listening to my vinyl copy of the amazing Labor album yesterday…hence this post!)