Kickstarter of note: Lewis & Clarke: ‘Triumvirate’

Triumvirate Triumvirate

L&C Triumvirate

This is a quick post to advise you all (whom may still actually swing by this blog) about a very worthy Kickstarter!  Lewis & Clarke (Lou Rogai) have new music on the way – it has been a few years and it is worth the wait friends.

Sweeping, epic, stunning and immensely beautiful are things that can’t quite reach this double LP of sound.  Also, did I mention heavy gram vinyl?  So needless to say I have backed this project.  We have another couple of weeks but let us not be complacent.  Let us donate/back/purchase some Lewis & Clarke with haste.  This needs to be funded as I don’t want to have to hunt down whomever has the pre-production copies shown in the photo at the top of this post.  Because I will hunt. Them. Down. Mercilessly.

You can watch a bit of the Kickstarter promo as well as a “making of” video.

So go, go now and visit Kickstarter HERE.

For a reminder of what L&C can create, listen to the below.

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