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Cover Saturday – Donovan Woods, Marissa Nadler, Message to Bears and Paul Jacobsen

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I was listening to cover songs yesterday and thought about a few specifically and it all eventually led to this post.  I was listening to a fantastic Sufjan cover from Donovan Woods and then tweeted and then realized it was no longer at the blog I linked to.  So Woods to the rescue and it is now on his Soundcloud account as of last night.  The track is Romulus from the ‘good old days’ of Sufjan Stevens and it plays to Woods guitar and vocals perfectly. We all love Sufjan, I know, but who wore it better…


Then I casually browse the book of faces like one does on a Friday night and noticed that Marissa Nadler posted her Father John Misty cover (there is a split 7″ they have done together where they cover each other and it will be released this coming week – info).  It is appropriately gothic while still holding onto that vibe Tillman brought to the original track – more of a late night church rendition, and I like it.


I thought I would put in a few more covers as we all love covers around here…

Message to Bears with a very ethereal version of Phosphorescent’s Wolves (you might want to check his cover of Bon Iver’s Holocene as well via his Soundcloud).


Let’s finish with Paul Jacobsen‘s Six O’Clock News (originally from Kathleen Edwards) – always a great tune in my books.


Enjoy yourself a nice Saturday folks.



P.S. I wonder when the next Slowcoustic Cover Project will be….and who it will be covering?!



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One response to “Cover Saturday – Donovan Woods, Marissa Nadler, Message to Bears and Paul Jacobsen”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    god that phosphorescent cover is so good… reminds me a bit of elliot smith.