New and New(ish) Music Saturday: Kill County, Oquoa, Songs: Ohia and O’Death



Now that Slowcoustic has been mandated to have a maximum of one post every two weeks (sorry folks, those are the rules, what can I do?) I am posting what I assume is new music on Saturdays.  Seldom will it be brand new, and often it will have been heard on many other blogs that take themselves seriously.  Stop reading the words and start clicking play on the music below.

This one totally passed me by and I am a bit embarrassed by that.  Regardless, the good folks at Hear Nebraska posted a track from the upcoming Kill County album called Beat Up Iron and it is exactly a Kill County song – so I like it.  Read their post HERE and thank them for the free download.


Okay, so Nebraska is where it is at for the first part of this blog post.  Oquoa include our friend Max Holmquist (of The Great American Desert fame) and there is a new album for free download and streaming.  It is not as stark (re: solo) as previous Holmquist efforts but that depth of the singer/songwriter is still very real in this new album.  Listen to Cigarette as it is awesome.

You can find the download and stream via their Website and you can find out a bit more via their Facebook.


Normally I would be a bit wary of the numerous tributes and re-issues from recently departed musicians.  Except for Jason Molina as they tend to all be pretty decent and I could always use a venue for grabbing a new vinyl with bonus tracks.  Well, Secretly Canadian is helping me out by re-releasing Didn’t It Rain as a double LP with demos – we all know how much I like me some demos.  Listen to Ring The Bell (or as it was known ‘Depression No. 42‘ at the time).

Read more about the release that is set for November 11th by clicking this link.


O’Death have a new album slated for October 7th called Out of Hands We Go over on Northern Spy Records.  They also have a streaming track called ‘Wrong Time’ that brings back their Folky Appalachian gothic vibe to Slowcoustic HQ.  Listen below and pre-order the album HERE.


Enjoy your “new” tunes for this Saturday!  Talk to you guys in another 10 days or so….  ;-)