Pre-order: Elephant Micah’s “Where in Our Woods”

Where in Our Woods


New album from long time Slowcoustic co-hort Joe O’Connell/Elephant Micah is on the horizon folks.  And he has teamed up with a great label to in Western Vinyl for the release of Where in Our Woods set for January 20th, 2015.

From the promotional ramble: “Throughout the album, O’Connell deftly transforms the stuff of everyday American life into a series of entrancing meditations on culture, nature, religion, and modernity.”  Right?  Gotta hit the spot for a Slowcoustic fan?

Annnnnd January is not so far away anymore but thank sweet baby jesus that we have a first listen to the opening track already.  Listen to By the Canal below;

Promo Video for the album:

I have already pre-ordered as not only is this going to be a great album (as Elephant Micah does very little wrong…ever) you can grab the vinyl LP for peanuts on the pre-order at the WV shop (HERE).  You can always swing by his new artist page at WV, his own Website or his Bandcamp page to once again dive into his back catalog.