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Slowcoustic’s Favourite Music of 2014


Let’s not kid and pretend like I am still writing about music and just get to what I think was great music in 2014 (of the Slowcoustic variety).  The albums listed below have moved around a bit as favourites over the year as listening ebbs and flows but it has mostly been as listed.  I guess.

Favourite Albums of 2014

  1. She Keeps Bees – Eight Houses
  2. Jesse Marchant – Jesse Marchant
  3. Field Report – Marigolden
  4. Hiss Golden Messenger – Lateness of Dancers
  5. Strand of Oaks – Heal
  6. Sharon Van Etten – Are We There
  7. Ryan Boldt – The Broadstreet Ballads
  8. Lewis & Clarke – Triumvirate

Favourite Song that would have made an album move up a spot on my Favourite Albums

  1. Hiss Golden Messenger – Brother, Do You Know The Road? (if it was on the Lateness of Dancers album)

Favourite Album to dislike even though I am ‘supposed’ to like it

  1. Sturgill Simpson – Let’s get Meta-Physical…or whatever.

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Favourite EP of 2014

  1. Noah Gundersen – Twenty Something

Favourite Free Album of 2014

  1. Oquoa – Oquoa (link)

Favourite collection of songs that would have made an album on my Favourite Albums of 2014

  1. David Bazan Monthly Volume 1

Yeah, so that is it I guess – this has been Slowcoustic’s Favourite Music of 2014.  Hope you liked the above as well, see ya in 2015!




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