When I grow up, I will be Noah Gundersen.

Carry The Ghost Primer Carry The Ghost Primer
Noah Gundersen - Carry The Ghost
Noah Gundersen – Carry The Ghost

So I have been following Noah Gundersen, like a forum lurker, on-and-off for the last couple years now.  I don’t always think his albums are 100% Slowcoustic, but god-DAMN, when they are good they transcend any artist around. This came to me after listening to his tour EP “Twenty-Something” – I can’t express how good it is to this day….it is freakin’ good.  I personally was provided with a copy from a friend who attended the tour (you can grab it as part of the deluxe version of ‘Ledges’ on iTunes or other places I guess).  So then I begged this concert goer who attended a show of Noah’s for a copy the EP and they obliged (thanks to my boy Adam at Songsfortheday).  Probably my favourite EP of the year.  Hell, it is my favourite EP of the year AND if it was a full 10 tracks it would be my favourite album of the year.  But once again, I digress…the new stuff is still upcoming…Noah Gundersen has a new album ‘Carry The Ghost’ doesn’t he?

Noah Gundersen is a fantastic example of what you need to listen to – in general.  So far this new album ‘Carry The Ghost’ sounds like it has massive potential (which to be honest, I have not heard in it’s entirety, so I could be full of shit right about now) but maybe I am just projecting on the strength of his tour EP ‘Twenty-Something’ which I have already opined for above.  None the less, I await with baited breath on the newest Gundersen full length, Carry The Ghost.  You can grab the sampler which actually includes most of the ‘Twenty-Something” EP (less the Nirvana cover, which unfortunately is A MUST – but don’t fret folks…it is below in a Soundcloud link) – here: Noisetrade.

So there you go, a promo for the new album via Noisetrade which has the previous tour EP tracks from NG.  This is win/win folks, just go already.  The video for ‘Heartbreaker’ is below – dig it!

[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”wJJfZwE90-g”]


So despite this post not really having songs from the new album, it should give you a push to listen to the new album.  Yeah, sure…just do it already.

So: http://noahgundersenmusic.com