It is already March…do you have your “Top Album of 2019” yet?

Julia Jacklin - Crushing
from Julia Jackin’s Instagram

Look who is back talking about music? This guy! I mean, I am a white guy with facial hair and dark rimmed glasses, what else am I going to do….not blog about music?

Well now that 2019 is, for all intents and purposes, almost over – I guess it is that time of year again….Best/Favourite/Top album of the year! Ok, fine, I am just saying the new album from Julia Jacklin is such a great album, I get to enter it into the competition that is yet to begin. Julia Jacklin’s “Crushing” is my first contender for album of the year, I love it.

Crushing is full of “Slowcoustic” jams peppered with some more upbeat indie pop (?) tunes and it falls into place as a full, crazy good collection of songs. Not over-stuffed with too much lamenting relationship slow burners (like that is possible…) to lose some listeners but enough that it still hits you in the feels and really connects to the listener.

I first heard the lead off track “Body” and it’s slow thumping – a surprisingly strong steady (heart)beat…hmmmm… (I see you Julia) – and I was immediately smitten with her voice, the beat…everything. Then after a few listens it really hit me when I truly *heard* the lyrics like “Do you still have that photograph…would you use it to hurt me?” and “…heading to the city to get my body back” and the, no pun intended, crushing and poignant “I guess its just my life…its just my body“. Wow, I live a sheltered life and I can only attempt to connect with scenarios Jacklin sings about…but damn, relationships can suck and partners can betray in and out of a relationship. This song, man.

I do lean towards the slower side of music a lot and there are some really great opportunities to fall inside this album. I even had a moment during the track “When the Family Flies In”…as this recently happened to me over the last Xmas holidays when a family member fell rapidly and incredibly ill and being 3000kms away trying to arrange flights back to my childhood home.

You know it’s bad when the family flies in. Just to stand by your side“…it really hit home for me. Not always great revisiting the scenario, but with the song it feels…better? I dunno, personal stuff makes for a true connection to music and for me it definitely did.

Overall, this album is on repeat at Slowcoustic HQ for good reason. IT. IS. STELLAR. Recommended as top current contender for album of the year in my books. You should listen and agree with me, damn it!

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