Andrea von Kampen – Old Country

Andrea Von Kampen - Old Country
Me spinning Old Country on my sweet TT.

I am still unsure how I came across this album…if it was you (bless you my forever friend), then thank you for doing the work of angels.

The album Old Country contains 8 tracks that I would call folky country…not sure how old it sounds in reality – maybe as it can seem timeless in the boundary of an acoustic, folky, mid-western, AS WELL AS stunning collection of music. Yeah, so regardless of how I interpret “Old Country” as a genre, the album itself has travelled from Lincoln Nebraska to the wee corners of my brain and finds itself hesitant to be coaxed out. That is okay with me as it is a real gem of an album that she has self-released this past February.

Favourite tracks on the album are the above “Teton” (as it mentions Calgary at the very end…and Andrea, if you are reading this, I am sorry you got lost here) and the below track “Portland” which has a stunning pacific-northwest visuals going on.

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