Upcoming album alert: Accidental Bird’s “The Old News Shrug”

Accidental Bird - The Old News Shrug

Sometimes you run across someone on the internet (Instagram specifically) that you think “hey, this person is my kind of person…frickin’ good taste in music damnit”. This happened to me a while back after stalking a user that kept posting great LPs that I coveted. Ultimately they just kept making me jealous as hell of their music collection (<– seriously) and all the limited edition LPs, etc, etc.

Then I kept scrolling through their posts and after getting uncomfortably deep in their old posts, there came a few that made me feel like I should know who this profile/avatar/person was. It got to the point where I thought to myself ‘yep, this must be that band’. For those in the cheap seats, this rambling word salad is ultimately saying that I found someone online that I had posted about years prior on Slowcoustic. It is true….

As our musical taste (and vinyl posting photos) intertwined, he reached out to me…I was hesitant…nervous…my scrolling thumb seemed like a thousand pounds all of a sudden. I jumped in the deep end and replied with…’hey’.

The rest is history. I was now talking to Accidental Bird…Stefan as I now know him. Slowcoustically, I originally knew Stefan as “Honig“. Turns out his name is Stefan Honig. Yeah, I got there all by myself.

So Stefan’s new endeavour is Accidental Bird and they have a new album out on April 21st on Grand Hotel van Cleef – “The Old News Shrug”. Take a stream of the YouTube lyric video (actual video?) of “Only Empire“.

You can pick up a copy of the LP or CD on the album page here.

Bonus video time!

Honig’s fantastic “In My Drunken Head” from the album Empty Orchestra (which I posted about a decade ago. Yep, a decade ago…so, yeah).

Cheers all,


p.s.  Is there a lot of quotation marks in this post?  It has been a while.