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Best New Music – CARLENE’s “Looking Out My Window”

So, new post…long time, no?

Sometimes a lazy blogger is forced to post something on an essentially defunct website.  I mean, why would they do this…after all this time…like, why?

Best New Music, that is why I am here.  For you, my good friends.  You all need to listen to the new album from CARLENE along with me.  If anything was ‘Canadiana’ or ‘Slowcoustic’, this is it.

This album is a lazy afternoon, an oceanside, a warm, light breeze and a revelation (for me).  I mean, I know who CARLENE is, I have met her (years ago) and when I first listened to a couple of early tracks before the release of the album, I didn’t even realize it was her.  I am kicking myself for not knowing.  As a music over, I just started keeping an eye out for more of this Carlene person and waiting for the release date so I could listen to the entire album.  That day has come and the entire album is a favourite of the year for me currently and I am sure it will be by year end as well.

I dare you not to like this album.  Here, try again:

Please consider streaming, purchasing and passing on the love for CARLENE: Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify