The day has come (or actually tomorrow, March 3rd) and we have the release of the debut album from “The Cloud Hymn”.  I have been waiting for this album for a while now ever since I started listening to a few demos last year and was so impressed, that I had to post then…on just the demos!  Well, here we are and a full album is hitting the streets tomorrow and John Nielson and crew have not disappointed.

“A Seed Buried In The Ground” – is a gorgeous lo-fi journey.  You get an almost entirely acoustic album, with just the right amount of accent from piano, harmonies and what could only be called, the aura of the album.  This aura is one that walks the line of melancholy, darkness and hope, all while you sit there transfixed.  I find that this is the kind of album that listens just as well on play 149 as on play 3.  One look at my stats and you know I can’t put the album down.

The demos I originally posted on are all on the final album release and are left almost untouched – they are still incredibly stunning – the kind of songs that curl you up in a ball or move you to that comforting place we all have.  While much of the album was created out of unfortunate circumstances according to Nielson, the beauty created and the music that emerges from your speakers is refreshing, honest, spiritual and could be your “touchstone” in finding where you are and then where you need to be.

The Cloud Hymn’s “line up” hasn’t changed and is still the work of its creator – John Nielson.  John gets integral assistance from two of his biggest proponents and great artists themselves – the astounding Tani Alyssa (her MySpace) and another Slowcoustic Favourite Paul Brandt (Cranes & Crows).  While the album is a top album of the year so far, with holding power, let’s hear from John and some questions on him, his music and what is happening in the local music scene around Wisconsin.