So I thought I would post on some great summer sounds that I just picked up from a band that I ironically enough, don’t know enough about.  The band is Woodpigeon who just so happen to be from the very city I currently live in!  I KNOW.  I had heard of them prior to listening to them for the first time a few months back, but I didn’t follow through and really listen enough.  Possibly it is often the fact that I listen to soo much music, something good can get lost in the shuffle, which is a heinous thing in my books.  I will attempt to be much more diligent in such things for the future, I promise this much to you all.

So where am I going with all of this, Woodpigeon’s new album “Treasury Library Canada” is currently available from their website here, so make sure you seriously consider purchasing it.   Also look over their full website as they release stuff all the time and there is a lot of info on tours, videos and such.  Woodpigeon in my vision are an “indie-pop-mellow-troupe”, so they do lean to the Slowcoustic genre, but don’t quite cross the line completely.  They can deliver a heartbreaking song then bring you back to a light pop style track that relieves any possible despair they may have caused you.  They also traditionally include a few song titles that get interestingly long titles (a la Sufjan Stevens), but they come by it honestly I believe.  Check out a few of their previous albums and tell me I am incorrect!

I have two samples from the new album and both are below.  I believe they are going to be great for my summer.  “How do I know this?” you ask.  I simply found myself cruising around today here in Calgary (oh, did I mention that Woodpigeon are from Calgary?) in some very nice 32 degree weather (that is 90 degrees Fahrenheit to the non-metric crowd) and enjoying the delicious sounds of Woodpigeon’s gaggle of a band (I believe they are at 7 members with at least the same amount of “contributors” at the moment!).