Hoquiam (2008?)

On 30 August, 2008 by slowcoustic

Just a mini post today, just because I didn’t get to due to the “guest blogger” situation below.  I better get used to this as she may be a regular contributor to the ol spot on the web…

I just had to post on this as I have been watching their MySpace profile for a while now, hoping for something to surface, but alas not yet.  Also, this is a mini post due to the fact that I don’t know too much about the project of the brothers Jurado.

So here you have a couple of tracks from Damien and Drake Jurado under the label of hoquiam (I believe is also the name of the town from Damien’s named track from 2006’s spectacular album “Now That I’m In Your Shadow”).  There is an expected release on Secretly Canadian upcoming, but I can’t find too much on it, so let’s hope is surfaces soon!  The two tracks below are from the MySpace for the band.

See y’all tomorrow.  Enjoy it while you can, after the long weekend, back to work and posting might not be soo steady!

“Hope Ocean (demo)” – Hoquiam by Slowcoustic
“Car Keys (demo)” – Hoquiam by Slowcoustic


p.s.  How about that photo of the “boys’!!

4 Responses to “Hoquiam (2008?)”

  • Thanks for these downloads! Neither song is at the myspace page anymore and I can’t wait for the album. I’m so hyped to buy it once it’s released.

  • slowcoustic

    Glad you like it, I do as well. I am also waiting to be able to purchase a copy once released…I think Damien is going on tour shortly, so who knows when something will make it to the masses!


    p.s. Digging your tracks as well (and video by Drake Jurado also)

  • Thanks so much!

    And word on the street is that the album will be released this Fall… I think on cassette and on CD. So exciting..

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