Nineteen Year Old Swedish Sisters!! This is not spam, it’s “Taxi Taxi!”

On 22 September, 2009 by slowcoustic

Taxi Taxi! at Europavox Festival in Clermont Ferrand, France. Photo by Nicolas Auproux

Okay, lame post title I know – but seriously, how is “19-year old Swedish sisters” not something you get in public email spam filters?

Seriously though, the subject of this post are folk diva sister’s from Stockholm, Sweden and they have quirky, tragic, fun, heartbreaking folk pop simply oozing from them.   Comparable to Calgary’s own Tegan & Sara…well a bit more folk inspired Tegan & Sara.  These young crooners show massive amounts of talent, and their new album “Still Standing At Your Back Door” has just been released on Rumraket!   While I can’t say I am completely up to date on all things “Taxi Taxi!”, I do think after listening to the tracks below, this is one album that has unfortunately slipped under my radar (even with posting the lead off single back at the beginning of June HERE).  I am excited to really dig into it some more and discover more beauty from this duo…you should be to.


Still Standing At Your Back DoorTaxi Taxi!
More Childish Than In A Long Time
“Ripest Fruit” (mp3)
from “Still Standing At Your Back Door”

More On This Album

Taxi Taxi!Taxi Taxi!
“All I Think Of” (mp3)
from “Taxi Taxi!”

More On This Album


Bonus II:

Taxi Taxi! perform Ripest Fruit in the Århus Musikhuset from gogoyoko on Vimeo.

Purchase & Visit Taxi Taxi!


p.s.  I see old Slowcoustic Swede Dante Kinnunen was assisting with percussion on both the new album tracks above – see a couple of his tracks on previous playlists HERE and HERE.

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