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On 31 October, 2009 by slowcoustic

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Other than all things slow and acoustic, I just wanted to send a quick site update and ask for some feedback.  I know that the 9 of you (I come from a large family) that visit this site on a regular basis can be of some assistance here.

So, an updated theme!   It isn’t actually an updated theme it is a completely different theme that I had to do some serious work on to make it look the same as my previous theme. So basically I worked hard for you to not notice as much of a change…that sounds about right.   This is where the assistance comes in, I know I have missed things, or there can be a link that isn’t live and all that fine tuning stuff.  I might not know how to “fix” it, but it would be good to know.

Issues I know of (but can’t figure out…I’m a music blogger not a coder and the like):
~ The page numbers at the bottom (main pages, not post pages) have some blue accent (??).  In the test theme that I simply cut and pasted the code they were not this atrocious blue colour. Who knows!!
~ All posts don’t have updated thumbnails. Freakin’ theme defaults to blank or selected image and you have to manually enter the image location for each post…I don’t have time (actually I have lots of time, just not the patience) to cut and past the album cover into the field in every single post from the last year and a half!
~ Some “visit” links are down because when copying, the location remained “dynamic” so instead of a full address it just kept the “/images/imagefile”.  This is usually fine, but for some reason it put two dots first – “../images/imagefile” so the location clearly doesn’t have dots in it so then the image does not display. I have found some, so hopefully there isn’t much more.
~ I am not sure of this one – Internet Explorer displays the font colour INSIDE the posts differently?  I can’t see any difference in Safari and Firefox as it shows it normal…   Who uses IE anymore anyway!  Oh, wait, probably about 60% of the world….

Just post in the comments, let me know via email, tweet me or whatever you can do to advise that would be great.



9 Responses to “Slowcoustic HQ Updates”

  • brambr

    All I can say is that it looks good. I always read your site trough my feedreader so i don’t see anything of it … but it looks good :)

  • hi Smansmith. i can’t help you with the coding but there are some things I want to mention:

    1. I like the new look. good work

    2. click here to see the picture
    There you can see that the leave a comment frame (1) is a bit out of tune. (2) I think the grey has not enough contrast because it is hard to read. (3) is the font colorm (black). I can’t read it until I have marked it.

    3. the slide bar on the main page should stop by mouse over. so people can read the text even if they looked a bit late at it.

    Keep it coming!

  • slowcoustic

    Thanks O!

    I think I have changed the text colour in when commenting. I am logged in when I look, so those fields are not even there!!! No wonder I missed it!

    I am thinking of “lightening” the gray, but I like it a bit dark and then it comes to the brighter brown when mouse over.

    And I still can’t change the speed, etc for the slideshow! It would be nice to have it stop or have arrows to each direction for more content…I will work on that!!

    Keep it coming!

  • Judes

    Nice to see your mistress/blog looking so good!!

  • Lainey

    woo! faaancy stuff going on. love it =)

  • Man, looks great… the only request I have? The main font should be either a) bigger or b) sans serif, the serif font at that size is a tad difficult in terms of readability!

  • slowcoustic

    Hey Burgo! Good to hear from you and thanks for the kudos. I have upped the content font a touch upon your suggestion. I keep forgetting I have this huge monitor and I sit close enough to get a sunburn from it… ;-)

    Thanks @Lainey!

    Hey wifey @Judes – when are you posting again here? We need a guest post!

  • Agnes

    Looks great! I have a pretty compact laptop so I’m glad you’ve upped the font too.

  • slowcoustic

    Cleaning everything up still!! Just those damn blue outlines for page navigation!!!! If anyone knows, give a shout!

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