Slowcoustic HQ Updates

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Other than all things slow and acoustic, I just wanted to send a quick site update and ask for some feedback.  I know that the 9 of you (I come from a large family) that visit this site on a regular basis can be of some assistance here.

So, an updated theme!   It isn’t actually an updated theme it is a completely different theme that I had to do some serious work on to make it look the same as my previous theme. So basically I worked hard for you to not notice as much of a change…that sounds about right.   This is where the assistance comes in, I know I have missed things, or there can be a link that isn’t live and all that fine tuning stuff.  I might not know how to “fix” it, but it would be good to know.

Issues I know of (but can’t figure out…I’m a music blogger not a coder and the like):
~ The page numbers at the bottom (main pages, not post pages) have some blue accent (??).  In the test theme that I simply cut and pasted the code they were not this atrocious blue colour. Who knows!!
~ All posts don’t have updated thumbnails. Freakin’ theme defaults to blank or selected image and you have to manually enter the image location for each post…I don’t have time (actually I have lots of time, just not the patience) to cut and past the album cover into the field in every single post from the last year and a half!
~ Some “visit” links are down because when copying, the location remained “dynamic” so instead of a full address it just kept the “/images/imagefile”.  This is usually fine, but for some reason it put two dots first – “../images/imagefile” so the location clearly doesn’t have dots in it so then the image does not display. I have found some, so hopefully there isn’t much more.
~ I am not sure of this one – Internet Explorer displays the font colour INSIDE the posts differently?  I can’t see any difference in Safari and Firefox as it shows it normal…   Who uses IE anymore anyway!  Oh, wait, probably about 60% of the world….

Just post in the comments, let me know via email, tweet me or whatever you can do to advise that would be great.