Zephuros – The Drowned Coast (2008)

With one look at the track list for the new Zephuros album, one gets the impression of a themed or concept album that engulfs all creatures large and small.  Well if you thought that, then you are correct my friend.  Whether you be as small as a fly or as large as Mount Rainer (okay not all tracks are necessarily about a creature) then you would get equal billing on “The Drowned Coast” album released this past August 23rd.

With many comparisons to singer-songwriters skilled with more than just strumming a guitar (Sufjan Stevens, Sam Beam, Andrew Bird, et al) this 22 year old comes across as a more album ready than his one would expect.  How many 22 year olds are on there second album…and then making it a concept album??  Maybe he is more confident than he leads on at local performances, me thinks (I have not seen him live, but a quick read of his MySpace page can back me up here!).   Well this confident gentleman, Kevin Meyers, is allowed to be, the album is full of Sunday beauty, awash with harmonious descriptions of the world all around us.  Whether it is the use of a mandolin or acoustic guitar, his “finger picking” approach is subdued, fitting perfectly with the atmosphere of the album.  Even the mighty Xylophone makes an appearance on The Leopard’s Spine (see below), and who can resist that?

Visit him on MySpace for more information and to pick up a copy of this and his debut album.  Get lost in his wilderness below: