Liz Durrett – Outside Our Gates (2008)

New releases from many bands and artists hit the proverbial shelves today, September 9th, 2008 (why are Tuesdays big album release dates anyway…) and outside some of the expected hits, I have found a great little gem that I didn’t expect – Liz Durrett’s “Outside Our Gates“!

While I have not been on the Liz Durrett train for that long – her last album “The Mezzanine” in 2006 was my introduction and also a spectacular album.  The more I hear from Liz the more I like her – I always think of a softer (vocally) Julie Doiron when I think of her – but I don’t know why.  While she is packin some serious talent on her own (she is the niece of Vic Chesnutt afterall), she has the backing of Eric Bachmann on the album producing front which can only be a good thing.

So now that you are up to speed on what I know of Liz Durrett, how is the album then?  Well as you could expect from Slowcoustic, it is a delicate and lamenting album for the most part.  Liz’s vocals pour over the her guitar in her breathy style I have become familiar with, but there is also something else – string arrangements!  The strings (of which I am a fan – Horse Feathers album anyone??) and they really work on tracks like “Wake to Believe”, “We Build Bridges” and “You Live Alone”, of which the latter is flirting with a delicate up-tempo feel I dare say.  The one track that I feel might have been tacked on, not a bad song but seems a touch out of place, is “Wild as Them” with its snappy horns and percussion backing…hmmm.

Overall, I am more than pleased with “Outside Our Gates” and recommend picking up a copy of this newly released album over at Warm Recordings here.  Enjoy a couple of samples below – sit back with Liz and listen to a new warmth inside these gates.