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The Sleeping Years – “We’re Becoming Islands One By One”

So I would like to say that I have discovered this great new band and you should all hear about it…but unfortunately I cannot say this here.  While The Sleeping Years is quickly becoming a regular on my personal playlists, I had to be approached to see if I could do what I do…listen to great music and then blog about it.  Well, this has been asked of Slowcoustic more than once, this post is one that I would have done regardless due to this being what Slowcoustic is about…slow, acoustic, great vocals/lyrics – the whole package.

The Sleeping Years is the project of ex-Catchers front man Dale Grundle that started a couple of years back and is now enjoying its first full album release “We’re Becoming Islands One By One”.  Don’t think that this is a debut album, as there were 3 EPs released just last year of which all have since sold out of their original print.  I managed to get a electronic copy of one of the EPs via eMusic and after listening to the EP 3 or 4 times (along with some of the new album), I was convinced that I was posting…it had to be done.

The new album is described as a melodic/melancholic soundtrack of “people trying to stay connected in a world seemingly designed to keep them apart”. Alongside Grundle’s exquisite storytelling through lyrics is his everpresent accompanying acoustic guitar, you find that the songs are deep with sorrow and told almost as a narrative on relationships.  Of course this is a common theme that haunts the singer songwriter breed, but that is the whole idea, it is supposed to be personal – this is where the words lend their the beauty to the music.  When both come together then you got something worth while, and this release is definitely that.

If you can, I would recommend any of the upcoming shows – especially shows that The Sleeping Years are playing with another Slowcoustic favourite – Bowerbirds in late September in Ireland.  Also of note TSY are performing with Emily Jane White this October in Belgium and France (bonus in France is Marie Sioux joins the two for the show on Oct. 16th!) – check out dates on the site linked above.

I guess I will have to sit back here in Canada and wait for the North American tour (hint, hint).

Join in and visit with two tracks from the new album below.




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3 responses to “The Sleeping Years – “We’re Becoming Islands One By One””

  1. jakejake Avatar

    Love the site!
    You should check out Del Barber.

  2. slowcoustic Avatar

    I am always a sucker for a Winnipeg songwriter!!

    But what about TSY??

  3. Olivier Avatar

    What about TSY ? Great for sure !
    Enjoy listening more tracks there :)