What’s new in the neighbourhood?

So what is going on around the Slowcoustic HQ?  Same ol’ out here I guess.  Things that made me happy this week include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Hearing about Bon Iver’s reworking of 4 tracks from his album for MySpace Transmissions.  Yes, the album is getting a bit long in the tooth for the die hards, but still makes me happy as I try to emulate Justin’s singing voice…
  • Finding out William Fitzsimmons is having a new album from our good friends at You Crazy Dreamers…I didn’t know…bad music guru wanna-be!  Check it out here.
  • Captain Obvious has a great “covers mix“, has thoughts on the new Horse Feathers album and discovers great things in general – (thanks Cap!).
  • Receiving my copy of Chad VanGaalen’s “Soft Airplane” and listening to the CDR copies for “In The Molecules”, “Bones of Man” and one other track…someone tell me what it is called (it isn’t the vinyl extras, the cd release extras)!!  I am posting it until someone tells me in the comments of this post (Sorry Flemish Eye records – I am not labelling (well obviously) it so it shouldn’t be that “searchable/download ready”)

I am sure there are other things that are new (like realizing Chicago and area has crazy talent for musicians!) but I can’t think as I am only on my first 12 oz. coffee…  Give us a shout on what is new with all you.


Chad VanGaalen – “Corvette”:Play Now | Play in Popup