New on the ‘nets this week

So another week gone by and what do we got?  Same ol’ rerun of internet/blogging goodness, that’s what.  Shall we swing on through a few examples of why we do this?

  • Our good ol’ boy over at Aquarium Drunkard posted some great live tracks and interviews of Fleet Foxes from BBC 2 and a bit of a gem in a lesser known Ryan Adams balladeer track.
  • The ever-connected Daytrotter studios have had Alina Simone in for a session and she performed the incredible Gunshots and a few others…but listen to Gunshots, over and over again.
  • New Blogroll inductee “It All Started with Carbon Monoxide” has a nice post on some Lanterns On The Lake and a few of their “Shoegaze” tracks to fade away with.
  • Last but not least I received my email alert on the new Frontier Ruckus coming out on the 6th of November with Quite Scientific Records.  There will also be a couple of EPs coming out this winter and they have revamped their website (very well done as well I might add) – Make sure you check out their new site as they also offer quite a few demos for free download (I had “I Am The Water You Are Pumping” my top EP from 2007 by the way).  Enjoy a sample of some of the ‘ruckus below.