Jeff Zentner – Hymns to the Darkness, and upcoming album alert.

So we all know I can appreciate down-tempo music – whether it be indie, songwriter, Americana and yes even electronic.  When I get my hands on something good, whether it be by an suggestion from a friend, artist submission or found on another blog I will most likely latch on for keeps and try to pass it on to you readers.  I have found another keeper in the Country-Americana crooner Jeff Zentner and his previous album “Hymns for the Darkness” and soon to be released “The Dying Days of Summer”.

A good place to start with this classic country balladeer is to visit Zentner’s MySpace page.   I know that this is usually a good place to start for most artists, but I suggest it for more than sampling songs from his player or seeing his schedule of upcoming performances – the images and feel of the page.  Packed with incredible photos, words and sounds that can only be considered what Zentner invokes; sounds of solitude made in long forgotten locations.  These are dark, melancholic country ballads here folks – and I can honestly say they hit the mark.  While many want diversity in an album in order to get a feel for an artist, it can leave you unaware of the true sound or an identity in general.  This is the case with Zentner as you will know from the first listen, that his sound is to provide beautifully bleak soundscapes of Americana goodness.  Think of a somber Ryan Adams with less piano mixed with Steve Earle without the anger.

Zentner is not just a single troubadour, he also has a gig with his band “Creech Holler“, who just so happen to have an album being released on Oct. 21st.  The new album is called “The Shovel and the Gun” and if they hold true to their previous release, could be described as the rockin’ band version of Zentner’s solo persona.

You can pick up “Hymns for the Darkness” over at CD Baby or even visit iTunes for a copy.  After this purchase, you can sit anxiously with me for the release of his next album “The Dying Days of Summer” that Jeff indicates will have a release in the next few months.

What better way to provide this introduction to Zentner, than the title tracks for both of these albums below -ain’t gettin’ better than that folks.  Drink whiskey and listen with me, why don’t you?