A daily discovery – Solomon’s Hollow

Well my daily discovery a few weeks back will be your daily discovery today.  Ladies and gentleman, I bring you the rolling stone named Nate A.  Nate currently records and performs under the guise of “Solomon’s Hollow” – and if you take a look at his MySpace page you will find out the name is simply something he is hoping he can come to grips with in the future.

In describing the music from one of his homemade CDRs he sent me (of about 150 originally “pressed”), the unassuming figure throws out glimpses of Devendra Banhart and Iron & Wine.  I know you are saying that these two indie cult mega stars don’t belong in the same room (for the most part) – they just might if your were young Nate.  Take a listen to “Sorrow Song” (Devendra-like) and then “Me Oh Maya” (Iron & Wine-esque) after which you might think the two styles can enjoy a bit of kick ball at recess together.

There are plans for another album once this rolling stone finds a place to call his own, and this is expected by Summer 2009.  Let’s hope the soon to be home finds him as quickly as possible.

Enjoy the two aforementioned tracks along with “Another Day” of which all are from his “Starts & Stops” album – get yourself a copy by simply asking him.