New on the ‘nets

photo from Mindful Seeing (please visit)

So what do you know this post Halloween Saturday?  What new and exciting items happened to the musical landscape?  With a few quick glances, I have gathered one small corner of the interwebs below for your perusal.

  • I did include a track from the new J. Tillman – Vacilando Territory Blues on yesterday’s playlist, but the album was more or less leaked this week – but pick it up next Tuesday over at the Western Vinyl shop.
  • The Perm & Skullet has a list of all their podcasts that are available – so visit and subscribe.  TONS of good music that should keep you busy for those long days in class/work detail.
  • New Blogroller – Womenfolk – has a very nice post on Ane Brun for her recent releases.  I just picked up “Sketches” yesterday due to their heads up.  Nice work over there.
  • Chromewaves brings a massive amount of indie updates on a daily basis – recently enjoyed their feature on Emmy the Great.  How do they get soo much stuff??  I am going to have to quit my job to even try to follow in their footsteps!!
  • Last but not least, I Am Fuel, You Are Friends has a great write up on the Ray LaMontagne show in Boulder – wish I was there.