Slowcoustic Song of the Week

Just so everyone knows that I now have a song of the week, and folks this is it.

I have recently picked up the Callers Album “Fortune” that was released this past August and fully missed them if it weren’t for my Western Vinly playlist.  The more I listen, the more I enjoy this album.  While it can be a bit out there, that is the charm of this release.  It has rock riffs, it has folk acoustics, it has Janis Joplin howling.  While the album has a few great listens, I am currently really enjoying “Rone”, “Tied About” and “More Than Right”.  They have seen a bit of blog play, but not enough.

This track is almost a lounge tune, a lounge where one might find themselves in a drunken stupor at the whim and torment of a 60’s gothic pin up girl.  With that description out there, without further adieu, here is my song of the week – More Than Right from Callers.

“More Than Right” (mp3)
from “Fortune”
(Western Vinyl)

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