New on the ‘nets this week

So I must apologize for yesterday, my webhost was having a bit of a issue with keeping me and many others “online”.  What’s the big deal, who needs to be online…, ah, freakin’ everyone!  Okay, let’s get on with some “new on the ‘nets” shall we.  The below snippets have been pulled kickin’ and screamin’ from the very womb that is the WWW.

  • das klienicum, always a venue for numerous discoveries of the musical persuasion, has a boat load of stuff including a write up on an Alela Diane concert and some Skygreen Leopards.  This is for everyone, of course if you speak German it may make a bit more sense…
  • We all like cover tunes – the good folks from my blogroll have you covered (you see what I did there?) over on Captain Obvious and It All Started With Carbon Monoxide.  Pick up some music and play the game with loved ones – “Hey, guess what song this is?  AND who sings it??”
  • Apparently there is going to be a shift in the Space Time Continuum due to a recent electing of a charismatic leader for the “free world”.  Yes, we can…listen to a soundtrack as well.
  • For something completely different for the blog (and to let you know I have extensive musical interestes beyond an acoustic guitar) – The Hood Internet has the 3rd istallment of their Mixtape and if ya wanna get your groove on and still be cooler than the rest of your friends, check it out here.  Not really from last week, but I just found it last week!
  • I meant to link to this last week, but apparently did not.  Gorilla Vs. Bear is a great blog, we are not always on the same page, but they do a great job and have a lot to read through.  This post on Beach House had the tag line of “Beach House Covers TLC“, but it is actually a fantastic live acoustic version of “Used To Be” with some waterfalls at the end – both awesome and funn-e.

That is all for now, I will leave you with an update on Great Northern – a band I am not completely familiar with, but with the track below, I am going to start to listen.  There is a new studio album in the works that is looking to creep into the light by April of next year.  There is an all encompassing feeling when listening to “Low is a Height” and it is both comforting and powerful at the same time.  You can check out their first release “Trading Twilight for Daylight” over on Eenie Meenie Records.