New on the ‘nets this week

Our weekly routine returns my fair readers, hope you enjoy the only slightly behind the now updates.  Remember if you are already aware of my trivial news, please consider placating me.

  • Andy Hull’s “Right Away, Great Captain!” project released another winner this past Tuesday.  Hull’s magic in crafting a cohesive album is jaw dropping.  This one is still growing on me, but I know it will soon be leapfrogging many spots on the ol’ “best of 2008”.  Visit the Captain (my hero and no pun intended) for fresh tracks.
  • I don’t know why I just don’t have the Take Away Shows (from La Blogotheque) as my homepage already, but Each Note Secure made sure to remind me of the Fleet Foxes show, check it on ENS here!
  • The combination of blogging and high school recordings – LaundroMatinee – has a great session with Canadian band “The Acorn” – check it here.  That MOKB is good in my books.
  • Another winner from Motel de Moka with a playlist (of which there are massive amounts of over on the blog) that is accurately (or awkwardly) entitled “After taking a bath” – of which it includes great tracks from Little Joy, Ane Brun and The Middle East!

No breaking news submitted to Slowcoustic HQ this week, so the above is all I got around to (so far).  I leave you today with Dare Dukes who’s “Prettiest Transmitter of All” comes out next Tuesday.  Dare has more of an indie folk vibe that might be an updated R.E.M. to say the least.  When I say R.E.M. it is mostly as Dare’s vocals remind me of Mike Stipe but without the anger of social unrest (zing!).  No, seriously, Dare is a good guy with consistently good tunes, you need to swing by his website Here or his page Here (grab another track for free download).  You can also sign up for his mailing list on the website Here and receive a previously unavailable track from the November 18th release!