Big Low. Just what I needed.

No Tears In ParadiseBig Low
“Old Macleay” (mp3)
from “No Tears In Paradise”
(Smoked Recordings)

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Ghost Hunt MigrationBig Low
“Captain No 1” (mp3)
from “Ghost Hunt Migration”
(Smoked Recordings)

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The Junction of the Two RiversBig Low
“Sweet Rain” (mp3)
from “The Junction of the Two Rivers”
(Smoked Recordings)

More On This Album

Described as “Australian Alt. Country-Noir, ragged edged bluesy folk” – I think you can get more descriptors in there, but it might be difficult.  I simply call it mellow folk.  It my lean towards country, but doesn’t everything these days?

So ran across Big Low and took a listen an for the most part I enjoyed it.  They can get a bit out there for a bit, but sometimes that can be fun.  Basically I was touring around the internet and started listening last week, it seemed to be just what I needed at the time.  So here I am hoping this fits the bill for you this fine (but a bit blustery and cold) Monday evening as well.  Couple of tracks below from 3 of their albums (including the instrumental track “Sweet Rain” from the newly released album “The Junction of the Two Rivers”), gobble ’em up.

Visit Big Low on their MySpace Page or their Band Website.
Recommended for you fans that enjoy a Calexico infused with Tom Waits.