Slowcoustic feature – Mellow Thursday!

Well okay, it is pretty much mellow everyday around these parts, who am I trying to fool??  So as to not send anyone off the deep end, I bring you more great finds and music that will provide no obstacle to feel sad alongside of, if not a little bit sleepy with.

But don’t sleep yet!  You must actually listen to Samuel Stiles first.  You will thank me, you know you will (or I hope you will…).  Despite Samuel Stiles not really being his name (born Samuel Matthew Martin) he puts aside all his name tomfoolery and brings his album entitled “A Love Tragedy” to all of us, and on a complimentary basis to boot!  I am always torn when it comes to free full album downloads by artists – while I love it as I always like new/more music, I still feel a bit bad that it takes but seconds to quickly click “Save As..” while the actual work itself can be years in the creation.  None the less, I managed to get over myself enough to pick up a copy over on the Rock Proper site where I also found the Jay Bennett album as well (mentioned here).

The album is definitely a trip down sorrow lane in a broke down 70s pick up, but that is the beauty of it – sit back, drink it in and savour it like single malt.  That is all I can say, you will find a great set of honest ballads to whisk you unto your hazy evening…

Visit Samuel on MySpace or his Rock Proper page to pick up the album.


p.s.  You might all know after a quick listen that the track “Darkness” below is in fact his very much amazing cover of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s classic “I See A Darkness”.  Covers are covers, but this one is a tribute.