Slowcoustic Celebrates A Birthday With Exclusive Track!

Okay, not a Slowcoustic Birthday – we are but youngster in the blog world, but there is a birthday that needs mentioning.  The birthday is actually Friday, April 17th and it is for the lady love of a Slowcoustic Favourite – Samuel Stiles.  You may remember him from the post here, but lets not lose focus.  This is Kara’s day and this is what Samuel has to say.

Happy Birthday Kara!
Now you can finally know what i have been up to all week.
This is your present.
Hope you enjoy….and, sorry…its a little melodramatic!
~Samuel Stiles

I am not sure of the whole story, but I do know a little and the song holds special meaning to the the happy couple.  I for one now need someone to record a song for me…  Regardless, Kara, happy birthday!