Best of the Best as seen by You Crazy Dreamers

Here we are with more great lists, lists of great music and from great friends.  The good folks over at You Crazy Dreamers (of which I blog for as well – check us out!!) have provided a list of some solid music from the last year.  The list while put together from Olivier, with input from the team that includes Laura, Martin, Trini and myself.  Despite the fact that we span 4 countries and 2 continents, we still connect on a regular basis if for nothing else then the sharing of great music.  But let’s get on with the music, shall we!


It is with great pleasure that I take place on the open-minded Smansmith of Slowcoustic and I want to thank him for this invitation. You can rest assured that this squat won’t take longer than it takes to present you this 2008 selection, a list that could vary eternally as each of these albums sounds different, and each of these songs appeal to me according my moods… So, after one year of blogging at, rather than a ranking, I present you a hodge podge that captured my heart and I’m eager to share it.

10 The Low Anthem - O my God, Charlie Darwin

10- The Low Anthem - Oh My God Charlie DarwinUnclassifiable. Risking of repeating myself yet once again, the rhythm of this album is simply irresistible. And if it wasn’t for this reason, it would be on top of this list anyway. Oh My God Charlie Darwin is the best representation of the following list.
Mood : moodful.
Mp3 : To Ohio

9 - Aaron Espe - Small Town
9 - Aaron Espe - Small TownThis songwriter from Minnesota belongs to those artists who justify my motivation to be a participant at It’s a second album I definitely recommend to all those loyal readers of If you’re stuck for X-mas stocking ideas, Aaron just released a new album entitled Christmas Songs.
Mood : slowcoustic.
Mp3 : Small Town

8 - John Craigie - Soft HailThe discovery of this young Californian songwriter last year with “Picnic on the 405” doesn’t cease to leave ever growing traces in my library, which contains from that moment on 3 of his latest succulent albums! After several months, Soft Hail still gets better with each listen and automatically deserves its place in this top 10. You will have understood that this album is inescapable, but don’t miss out on the rest of his discography. And if I’m not mistaken a new live recording is available since a couple of weeks!
Mood : bulimic
Mp3 : Portland Basement

7 - Merz - Moi & Mon Camion

7 -Merz - Moi & Mon CamionHis previous album Loveheart already grabbed me with its Verily, Butterfly, Loveheart to name just a few worth remembering, each one offering different signatures. Digging his own groove between pop and folk electro, on his new album Merz was able to continue these delicate mixes, flattering the converted and seducing the novices: with his truck (camion), he crosses new landscapes like a second volume of a history not yet unraveled.
Mood : Flying High
Mp3 : Moi & Mon Camion

06 - Tony Penn - The Quicken

6 - Tony Penn - The QuickenOut of a sense of shame, when I was introducing M. Penn at Youcrazydreamers, I didn’t dare to mention his age, being somewhat unusual for a first release. But, when listening to all those young talents, you also have to recognize that sometimes only age allows to walk certain roads: the roads of love. Truth is, no matter the youthfulness of M. Penn, this album is an absolute delight.
I’d be unstoppable in telling about my appreciation for such an album, unstoppable in thanking M. Penn for being.
Mood : Loving
Mp3 : Enough

05 - Wade Ogle - Songs from winter

5 - Wade Ogle - Songs from WinterAnother fantastic discovery, this collection of winter songs. With tremendous efficiency, Wade Ogle’s compositions offer a splendid first impression and I just can’t wait for his next album to come out.
Mood: Storytelling
Mp3 : Your Side of the Mountain

04 - Annabelle Chvostek - Resilience

04 - Annabelle Chvostek - ResilienceCanadians: you just can’t get around them! I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of The Wailin’ Jennys, but Annabelle Chvostek entered my pantheon of female songwriters through the big gate, alongside Mieka Pauley, Lindsay Mac and Kelley McRae! Described as “contemporary urban roots”, Annabelle’s music offers a variety of astounding landscapes.
Mood : Standing Ovation
Mp3 : Resilience

03 - Arlan Feiles - Come Sunday Morning

03 - Arlan Feiles - Come Sunday Morning03 – Arlan Feiles – Come Sunday Morning
Sublime discovery of the year. Come Sunday Morning, the second album of Arlan Feiles combines 12 songs of intense beauty and of exceptional musical purity.
Mood : Starving
Mp3 : Come Sunday Morning

02 - Mark Berube - What the Boat Gave the River

02 - Mark Berube - What the Boat Gave the RiverThe sistership album of “What the River gave the Boat” is undeniably one of the best albums of the year. Mark Berube produces a new masterpiece. This Canadian is a real genius: songwriter, composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and travel agent on top of that (added advantage: it’s low-cost!)
Mood : Traveling
Mp3 : Flowers on the Stones

01 - Colby Stead - So it Goes

01 - Colby Stead - So it GoesThe regular visitors of this blog will know of my admiration for this talented and ever so generous singer-songwriter. Album after album, M. Stead’s creative talent is growing, improving, or even more correct, it is elevating and giving us a chance to take a deep look at ourselves. This latest collection is an absolute gem: the quintessence of sharing.
Mood : Thoughtful
Mp3 : Breathe

Dealing with EPs ; this year bring numerous valuable releases… Most of the following ones were really too short:

Finally,  and in order to face the coming year here are some special warnings for these following artists:

*Honorable mentions (or simply more best of the year) may also be extended to additional great albums (this will always happen with multiple bloggers!!) courtesy of my on-line brother Martin;


There you have it, the last day of “Bests”.  I must say it was quite a ride and I would like to thanks all those great blogs that took part!