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The Gunshy – I Gave Too Much Time To The Wine

and other collected eps.

So received my shiny new CD from The Gunshy last week.  Didn’t you?  If you didn’t, do you have a worthy excuse?  Go on, explain yourself.

The Gunshy’s “I Gave Too Much Time To The Wine and other collected eps” is the most recent release from the good folks over at Yer Bird Records.  I tell ya, Morgan King and his crew know it when they see it (roster including Blackbird Harmony, Hezekiah Jones and J. Tillman among many others) and once again, the latest CD does not disappoint.  The Gunshy is essentially Matt Arbogast, but he has recently grown to a full band in which they look to start recording as such starting in the new year.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though…

This aforementioned shiny new CD is actually a collection of 3 EPs; the just released “I Gave Too Much Time To The Wine” packaged alongside newly mastered copies of “My Home Shall No Longer Be The Sea” from 2006 and “What Will They Speak Of You When Your Gone?” from 2004.  You can’t go wrong with 16 tracks of gravel voiced folk-country-Americana!  You basically get brought up to speed with the history of The Gunshy for the last 4 years.  While I tend to really enjoy Matt’s more down tempo tracks (see below), he is no stranger from showing you he can command the stage (as seen in some of the newer tracks like “One for the Beasts” and “The Darling Days”).

So let’s get one thing out of the way, yes Matt Arbogast’s vocals are a signature of his sound.  You almost feel like someone has ground up Tom Waits and oozed him into a worn out whiskey drinkin’ tavern in small town Texas – and called it The Gunshy.  This release is also great as you will find the early days when Matt was mostly solo, then it slowly changes with growth to some band influences and some up tempo spurts.  You then find the current sound which enjoys the best of Matt’s solo performance with the added luxury of backing of a full band sound.  I think this was a great move to incorporate a band as it elevates The Gunshy’s sound and great lyrics/stories (often of drinkin, lamenting, and cold Chicago winters waiting by the phone) and Matt’s voice then becomes part of the story, not the story itself.  Ya know, after listening a few times, his voice does grows on you, go on…let it grow on you.

Visit The Gunshy on MySpace and their Website.
Purchase the new CD at Yer Bird.




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3 responses to “The Gunshy – I Gave Too Much Time To The Wine”

  1. Oivier Avatar

    “There’s no love in this war” is still resounding ! Stunning new collection !
    Sman, if the sit is large enough consider phoning me ;)

  2. Orange-Minz Avatar

    you said “…after listening a few times, his voice does grows on you, go on…let it grow on you.” and yeahh! his voice grew on me so that i just ordered a copy from yerbird…again you brought my attention to absolutely great music. thanks!

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