If You Haven’t Heard – Finn Daniel

Here we go back on board with the “If You Haven’t Heard” posts and the newest installment of great finds – Finn Daniel.

Finn Daniel is a singer songwriter who hails from the UK and has some impressive tracks and a new EP entitled “Settle”.  His sound is pretty classic singer songwriter that leans towards the finger picking guitar variety – with some good ol’ strumming and harmonizing.  I find at times he reminds me almost of a young John Darnielle crossed with someone like Damien Rice….if that is possible.

There is one more aspect of what I have heard from Finn Daniel at this point – strings.  He incorporates cello, violin and other instruments in an orchestral flair.  I can be a sucker for folk music or singer songwriter music that brings this element to the table (hello, Horse Feathers).  If for nothing else, the perfect use of the sound of the cello for the backing to his accapella versions of two tracks from the EP – “Not All There” and “If I Got Good”.  You can hear for yourself on the latter track below, with 3 separate versions from what I think is the single from the EP – “If I Got Good” – if there is a single…

I must say he pulls it off quite well and I look forward to more from this young brit in the near future.

Visit Finn on his WEBSITE or his MYSPACE page and pick up “Settle” at Arkade Music.

~ Smansmith

P.S. Enjoy a live video for the below track “If I Got Good” as well you should swing by the sister post over on You Crazy Dreamers for a couple of alternate tracks.