Black Cab Sessions – Revisited

We all know that I love (and I mean love, honour and respect till death we do part) the Black Cab Sessions.  It always brings a smile to my face and a great tune to my ears.  They get some serious talent, do great recordings and you get a glimpse of some the artists in a real, everyday situations.  Well, if acoustically performing incredible songs is an everyday situation that is.  The below 2 sessions caught me the other day and I have to post them for you (albeit in YouTube form due to new “embedding practices” on VimeoPlus) in case you haven’t bookmarked it already and put a Google alert on it!

Enjoy everyone!

(for those that are too lazy, a simple audio rip of each video is below.  “Bonus” below is the new Ryan Adams session that you check here and DO NOT forget the Lambchop session here)