The Incredible Black Cab Sessions

I have nothing else besides that.  Incredible.  The Black Cab Sessions has some of the best impromptu one take performances for some of today’s (and yesterday’s) best indie artists.  Each time I am blown away by both the quality of the artist and then performance and recording.  Take a run through some of the live performances as well as the provided originals below.

Example one of this perfection is Bill Callahan’s and his signature voice on “River Guard”.  This track is from Smog’s album “Knock, Knock” from 1999.

Another favourite is “Nevada” from Scout Niblett’s 2007 album “This Fool Can Die Now”.  She just is crazy good, emphasis on the crazy.  This is one intense track – watch her grit her teeth while singing!

While both these two artists are considered favourites of mine, it is the performances here that make these songs elevate.  I encourage you to visit Black Cab Sessions for more spectacular performances from artists such as – Fleet Foxes, My Morning Jacket, Johnny Flynn, Calexico and even Death Cab for Cutie!

If I can recommend one other website (besides Slowcoustic…) it would be Black Cab Sessions most definitely.  Bookmark the site this very Monday on your way to work, after work or while combing the classifieds in order to get work (yes, if you can guess, I am at work today!).