Maria Taylor’s Sneak Peak for “Lady Luck”

Just a quick peek into the April release from Maria Taylor’s album “Lady Luck” with the advance single “Time Lapse Lifeline”.  Always loved Taylor’s harmonies and this is a bit of a treat on a Sunday – sorry for the delay as I have had this for a little bit – released on Jan. 13th.

I also have to attach what MT has said herself about the new album – words to live by!!

“Listen in a dark room, with a candle or two with headphones, maybe in the bath, but definitely horizontal” -Maria Taylor

I have also included a track “Lost Time” from her crazy good album “Lynn Teeter Flower” from a few years back.

Visit Maria Taylor – Website or on her MySpace page.


p.s.  Yes, she is more than just “half of Azure Ray”…