Still on tap: “Various Artists” Vol. 2

I tolds ya I would be back with some more various songs, loosely threaded together by some sort of “themed post”.  I won’t let you down today folks.  More good ones available below for consumption.

Various Artists playlist part 2:

“River of Dirt” by Marissa Nadler (new track from the upcoming release “Little Hells”)
“A Christmas Dream” by Palace_Hotel (NOT Will Oldham, but still great lazy alt-country)
“A Mother’s Wish” by novemthree (delicate lo-fi goodness)
“Blood Bank” by Bon Iver (yes, he still has it)
“In Our Talons” by Bowerbirds (spectacular “old towne” folk band, a favourite)
“The Wind” by Peasant (this one is a beauty from a few years back)
“There’s A Reason” by AA Bondy (this is a true American singer songwriter)
“Only As The Day Is Long” by Sera Cahoone (Colorado talent on display)
“To Be Gone” by Anna Ternheim (another beauty with a jazzy side)
“Postcards” by An Horse (See, it isn’t always slow and acoustic around here…)

Enjoy volume 2 by these various talents, all unique but still connected if only from this post.