Is anybody actually Canadian anymore?

You all want to know where I am from…well I am from Canada.  Well, not this Canada, but ya know.

This Cursed HouseCanada
“Beige Stationwagon” (mp3)
from “This Cursed House”

This Cursed House
“Hexenhaus” (mp3)
from “This Cursed House”

This Cursed House
“Record Function” (mp3)
from “This Cursed House”
(Quite Scientific Records)

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  • Description

    The Arcade Fire shows up at Sufjan’s cabin with blankets and board games.

    Album Notes

    It is finally here and we couldn’t be more proud. Made for everyone living within Detroit and its surrounding populous comes “This Cursed House”, the debut LP from 7 southern Michiganders with an obviously envious eye to the north. Recorded in the dark of winter on a sound board originally built and used in the early 80’s to mix the 2nd & 3rd installments of the Star Wars trilogy, comes an unexpectedly warm record of art-folk arrangements featuring dual cellists, melodica, shout & response vocals, glockenspiel and rhodes piano. The band known as CANADA has fast become the answer to the stuffy misaligned garage scene that has largely monopolized Detroit’s weary image in the minds of the masses. THIS is what music from the mitten is about…it’s the scene you should’ve been hearing from all along.

I have listened to Canada’s “This Cursed House” album which is the only actual full release from the band (they have a CDR EP that they self released in 2005 that I do not have).  They are bit of a troupe of indie folksters that look like a good time – in a going to see them play live way, not the other way you dirty non-Canadians…  I have to highly recommend “Beige Stationwagon”, just because it is slow at first, then speeds up a bit (almost Celtic at times) and also for nothing else that it simply having a great song title!


Hmmm…Everyone wants to be from Canada or be Canadian (okay, “everyone” is a strong word).  The band above who are called Canada are not Canadian.  The record label Secretly Canadian – clearly not Canadian.   Also, other than having a great name, Boards of Canada is also not from anywhere near Canada (bonus track – Boards of Canada – “Skyliner”)

Why is it that I always want to travel FROM Canada…oh well.