A FatCat Records Playlist

Woot!  Part three of the a series I have going on record labels (part 1, part 2).  This time we have the ever impressive “FatCat Records” from Brighton (and Brooklyn).

FatCat Records is pretty much an “ahead of the curve” indie label with a few great “straight ahead” indie artists.  If you are a bit sketchy on what I am trying to say, think of starting at Animal Collective and move towards Frightened Rabbit.  See, now you know what I mean.  It is always hard to get all the “new stuff” for an entire label’s roster (and there is surprising little downloads on the their website), but check out below for some great samples of what FC has to offer.

“Ames Room” (mp3)
from “Yellow EP”
(Fat Cat Records)
More On This Album

There you have it, hefty amount of music for a Tuesday, no?