Kentucky Nightmare are anything but…

A new tune from Kentucky Nightmare that I am currently enamored with is “Caroline & I” from the new release “Take Her Favour”.  I hope you will enjoy it as well.  I also think I like them because of the description of the creating process of the album as such:

After excruciatingly enjoyable sessions at Mike Bridavsky’s Russian Recording, as well as the mind-bogglingly joyful experience of signing with Standard Recording Co., Kentucky Nightmare are ready to release their second effort, *Take Her Favour*, to the world. They are currently playing out as much as possible, rubbing their hands together excitedly, taking deep breaths, and feeling all the beauty as they write, rehearse, and play out the lovely daydream that is Kentucky Nightmare.

After reading that you might need to know that I assume all the “serious” notes are simply made tongue in cheek.  I know this as just preceding the above quote was the below quote;

The new Kentucky Nightmare meditated together in the spring of 2005, mixed their blood in a crucible, bicycled to Nashville, Indiana to buy belt buckles and knick-knacks, came back, set the blood on fire, and waited to see what would happen. The results were unanimously satisfactory. The band was rocking more melodic, clever, and crafty songs. The three-part harmonies rose to meed the clouds and taunt them with their cuteness.

So you know these bastards have a sense of humour!  One thing to note is that they also have solid tunes and “Caroline & I” is one of my current “it” songs, so start listening as I am sure it will quickly become a favourite of yours as well.
Take Her FavourKentucky Nightmare
“Caroline & I” (mp3)
from “Take Her Favour”
(Standard Recording Company)

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p.s.  Don’t think the “English/Canadian” spelling of the word “Favour” was lost on me either….