Did I Simply Overlook the Woolly Leaves Album? Shame On Me.

Fragile can sometimes be conveyed with actions, images and sounds – Woolly Leaves provides at least the two latter on his debut album from 2006 (!!).  While I have heard of this Torontonian artist in the past, now that I take the time, I realize this experience should have taken place much earlier than now…shame on me.

For I, the Slowcoustic guy, the guy who says this hushed music is what he is about, and I go and miss a nice little album of whispered lamenting turned to music.  This is just the stuff that leads me to want to (re-try) playing the guitar and create sparse yet powerfully compelling music.  While this all sounds dramatic, I say this because the album is gorgeous and with a quick look over the info provided – I don’t know if he, Will Kidman, is still recording full time (or any time for that matter) under the “Woolly Leaves” moniker.

The album that I speak of from 2006 is called “Quiet Waters” and seems to be the only Woolly Leaves album to date.  I don’t blame Will as he does have a day job with previous post victim “Baby Eagle” in the band Constantines.  If you read the Baby Eagle post as well, you may also come to the conclusion that anyone in an up-tempo band must have a solo down-tempo album…they MUST.  I don’t mind though as so far the examples of this phenomena I have found all do a stand up job and there music is right up my alley!

But let’s do the math:

  1. Debut album 3 years or so ago
  2. Myspace page doesn’t have too much new (and only one track in his player from this same album)
  3. The link to his own website simply takes you nowhere.
  4. His Outside Music Artist page gives a synopsis of “Woolly Leaves” but nothing that would give insight on to anything new.

Oh Will, where art thou?  Touring with Constantines I guess…is it bad that I want the solo projects instead of the band?  I know, I shouldn’t talk of such things, the Constantines are great, so I guess I will have to search out the next band member who feels like they need a solo album…

Music please;

Woolly LeavesQuiet Waters
“People and the Planets” (mp3)
“Walk With Light” (mp3)
“Neverending Song” (mp3)
from “Quiet Waters”
(Outside Music)

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