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Baby Eagle. This is definitely not the Constantines.

Baby Eagle…hmmm, somehow got onto this member of the Constantines solo project the other day.  Why is it that the solo projects from band members are often nothing like their day jobs?  Maybe a release, maybe they need to expand, spread their wings and just not do the same thing?  Most likely…I guess you can’t simply record songs that sound exactly like your band without wreaking havoc in the band and creating a version of “office politics”.

This Baby Eagle is Steve Lambke who some of you may know as a member of the “rock” band Constantines.  While I don’t see him leaving the Constantines for this project (or maybe..), I think it is a well worth it endeavor.  I dare say I like it more than the Constantines…although coming from this blog, that shouldn’t surprise you too much.  Not unlike the whole Brian Borcherdt solo vs. Holy Fuck – I tend to lean towards a solo effort as they are often darker, slower and much more intimate and stripped down (for the most part).

Described as;

“…acoustic guitar, snare ‘n’ kick, and piano accompaniment is far from intrusive, and creates the ideal background for Baby Eagle’s voice, a fine-sandpaper-rubbed instrument. Singing songs about hearts beating with a broken wing, being punch drunk by folk songs and the Redpath sugar factory, Baby Eagle creates his own mythology out of Canada’s varied landscapes and fragments of his own experience.”

I was also intrigued due to the creation of Lambke’s debut album as it was recorded in Winnipeg, Manitoba where I spent many years after graduation before moving West to Calgary.  Some Winnipeg icons involved with the album as noted below;

“Joining Steve in making Baby Eagle come to life are singer Christine Fellows and John K. Samson (The Weakerthans), Keith MacLeod “played mandolin and works for VIA rail,” and Jack Jonasson. Cam Leoppky “helped with all things technical and we mixed the record at his house. He does live sound for The Weakerthans and, when we can afford it, The Constantines.” Producer Jeff McMurrich also recorded one song, “Lady Come Greet Me.””

So enjoy a couple of tracks from his 2006 Album (he does have a follow up “No Blues” from 2007 that was recorded with some artists of note including: Shotgun Jimmie, Fred Squire, Julie Doiron).  Maybe you will also see that Mr. Lambke has at least one more layer to be peeled and enjoyed.

Baby Eagle
Baby Eagle“Lady Come Greet Me” (mp3)
“High Winds At Sea” (mp3)
“Redpath Sugar Factory” (mp3)
from “Baby Eagle”
(Outside Music)

More On This Album

Visit Baby Eagle on his Label Page and MySpace or consider visiting Constantines on MySpace or website.
Buy a copy of “Baby Eagle” or “No Blues” at Outside Music.


p.s.  Do you think mellow folk bands have solo projects and end up just rocking out?  If you know of any, please post in the comments!




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