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The Low Anthem Play SXSW (and many other dates) – No Stops in Western Canada!

So yes, promo emails are currently running rampant in many a blogger inbox.  SXSW must be right around the corner.  I think I got 5 just on my drive into work today (I can only imagine for the larger blogs!).  I am all for info, but I just hate being struck across the face (albeit only open hand slapped) as I once again am not taking the trek to Austin to see the subjects of this barrage of electronic correspondence.

One reason I would go is The Low Anthem (and almost 79 other bands) and I was happy to get the email to announce the SXSW shows and tour (including Bonnaroo – one more I will most likely miss…okay fine, I will miss).  The particular reason I liked getting this PR email is the fact that they included a track to include and it is probably one of my top 10 songs of 2008 – the “title” track to last year’s “Oh My God, Charlie Darwin”.

I love this song – it is soo good.  I think I first heard it after I waited anxiously to pick up the album due to a blog post that was not my own.  Now, I know what you are saying to yourself – blogs help you discover music…yeah, bloggers also love bloggers that help them discover music as well.  I believe it was good ol’ Captain Obvious (click my blogroll – see for your self) when he put a few tracks on his blog.  I immediately purchased their previous album “What The Crow Brings” as the new album was not released yet.  The Low Anthem have since become a favourite and the song included in this post is on the top of the heap for me.

The song “Charlie Darwin” is spectacular, fully acoustic – gospel-esque harmonies, muted harmonica, strumming of the acoustic guitar to create the backbone of this siren song.  While many may think it just another indie ballad, listen again, then again – then slap yourself for thinking it just another indie ballad.

“And who could heed the words of Charlie Darwin
Fighting for a system built to fail
Spooning water from their broken vessels
As far as I can see there is no land”


Many of you will already have heard the album many times as it is too great to have missed – but stop, listen again and check out a some tour dates in the link below and see them live if you are able – if to only make a Western Canadian blogger jealous.

Click HERE for dates – lots of shows, some with Lisa Hannigan and even Ray LaMontagne!

Visit The Low Anthem on their Website and MySpace.





2 responses to “The Low Anthem Play SXSW (and many other dates) – No Stops in Western Canada!”

  1. Agnes Avatar

    Have only just discovered these guys myself. ‘Charlie Darwin’ is just gorgeous. Expect a post from me in the next week or so as well I reckon!

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